• Turibol(Turinabol)-100tabs x 10mg

Turibol(Turinabol)-100tabs x 10mg

Name: Turibol
Chemical Name: 4-chlorodehydromethyltestosterone
Manufacturer: Omega Meds
Steroid Type: PCT - Oral
Package Contains: 100tabs x 10mg/tab

Turinabol is a powerful and popular anabolic steroid. It's effects are similar to Stanozolol but it starts to affect in body slower than Stanozolol. It supplies mass muscle longly and it's second effects are lesser than Stanozolol. So, many Stanozolol users choice Turinabol recently!

For obtaining solid muscle gains and strength gains, Turinabol that does not causes rapid gains in muscle mass and strength, should be taken over several weeks. For athletes and body builders this drug is used for an improved and compact body appearance!

This steroid is quite different from Dianabol which is compared to. The similarity between these two products is that both are 17-alpha-alkylated. Turinabol according to Dianabol has a lower level of androgenic activity, but a better balance of anabolic and androgenic effects!

40 – 50 mg is the daily dosage for good results. With this dosage the effect will be wonderful, growth in muscle mass and strength and with no water retention and estrogen side effects!!!

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Turibol(Turinabol)-100tabs x 10mg

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