• Testosterone Cypionate-10ml/250mg/ml

Testosterone Cypionate-10ml/250mg/ml

Name: Testosterone
Chemical Name: Testosterone Cypionate
Manufacturer: Tn Pharma
Steroid Type: Injectable
Package Contains: 10ml x 250mg/ml

Testosterone is a hormone naturally produced by both men and women responsible for a host of functions; most notably muscle and bone growth, regeneration and male sexual characteristics!

By its mode of action Testosterone  increases both nitrogen retention in the muscles as well a protein synthesis; increases red blood cell mass and blocks and reduces muscle wasting hormones such as cortisol!

As a testosterone based hormone attached to the Cypionate ester, Testosterone-Cypionate has a half-life of approximately 12 days. This is a fairly long half-life and is generally the longest half-life of any commonly used single ester form of testosterone. Because it has a long ester attached in the Cypionate form the effects of this steroid will last a very long time; for example, 200mg of Testosterone Cypionate will yield an active 100mg of testosterone even 12 days after the last injection; of course assuming one is administering the hormone more often than every 12 days the total amount will be much higher but vary depending on the total dose!

Men usually use 250 to 1000 mg of Cypionate in one week!!!

The best Testosterone Cypionate on the market !!!

Made in USA


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Testosterone Cypionate-10ml/250mg/ml

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