• Stromba(Winstrol)-10amp x 50mg/ml

Stromba(Winstrol)-10amp x 50mg/ml

Name: Stromba
Chemical Name: Stanozolol(Winstrol)
Manufacturer: Omega Meds
Steroid Type: Injectable
Package Contains: 10amp x 50mg/ml

Winstrol is an anabolic steroid derived from dihydrotestosterone (DHT) available in oral and injectable form! Winstrol is a universal anabolic steroid that is also suitable for gaining lean muscle mass and clearing subcutaneous fat!  Nevertheless, most bodybuilders and athletes tend to use the injectable Winstrol in the definition period, which calls for an increase of hard muscle mass without excessive water retention, which usually brings with it a soft appearance of muscle!Winstrol also accelerates fat burning!!!

Another feature of Winstrol as a derivative of dihydrotestosterone, lies in the ability to reduce SHBG levels (binding globulin to sex hormones).The reduction in SHBG levels results in the release of more free Testosterone, which can be used to increase strength, libido and lean body mass. It also leads to a reduction in estrogen levels, thereby limiting side effects!Due to its high anabolic and low androgenic nature it is preferred by women. Winstrol is commonly used in the definition stage, or during the caloric deficit, if the goal of the user is to lose body fat.Winstrol helps to reduce the amount of fat tissue and increase lipolysis and oxidation of fat and, more importantly, helps maintain muscle mass during this time. The calorie deficit can cause the body to go into a state which uses amino acids (muscle) as an energy source, which is unwelcome state if this occurs during the phase of preparation for competition. Preservation of muscle tissue occurs due to the properties of Winstrol in increasing nitrogen retention and protein synthesis in muscle.!!!


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Stromba(Winstrol)-10amp x 50mg/ml

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