• Tribestan - 60 tabs (250mg/tab)

Tribestan contains extract of Tribulus terrestris. Sopharma Tribestan increased spermatogenesis and sexual activity. Tribulus terrestris appears to raise/turn on natural testosterone production in men via the activation of hormone secretion and estradiol. Clinical studies in Bulgaria have shown Tribulus terrestris to increase the sex hormones LH (luteinizing hormone) level by 72% and the body's own free testosterone level by 41% in healthy adult males in only five days. LH regulates the testosterone production in the testes and high levels of LH coincide with high testosterone levels. Sopharma Tribestan has become increasingly popular among athletes because it reportedly increases strength and stamina. Studies on Tribulus use are ongoing. The extract contains alkaloids, saponins, resins and nitrates and is popularly used as a sports nutrient in USA. The extract of the plant is recognized as a diuretic and aphrodisiac. It has anti-oxidant and hypolipedemic activities. Tribulus Terrestris extract was effectively used for nonspecific impotence and aging. It has been popularized as a natural remedy to enhance libido and fertility in both men and women.

Below are some of the benefits from supplementing with Sopharma Tribestan:

  • 1.Improves muscle growth & body strength

  • 2.Reported to enhance libido sexualis & erectile function

  • 3.Reported to increase the number and motility of spermatozoa

  • 4. increases LH levels by 72% and testosterone levels by 41% in only five days.

  • 5.Helps in alleviating some symptoms associated with male menopause

  • 6.No adverse effects

  • 7.No toxicity and side effects

Sopharma Tribestan is an excellent supplement to take at the end of a prohormone cycle to help kick start your own testosterone production again. And it can also be effectively used to increase strength gains and aid in helping you get over a plateau. for optimal results try to find a tribulus supplement that is standardized for 45% saponis.

Sopharma Tribestan dosages for best results are around 1500 to 2500 mg per day.

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Tribestan - 60 tabs (250mg/tab)

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