Oxabolon Rapid(Anavar)-50tabs/10mg

Name: Oxabolon Rapid
Chemical Name: Oxandrolone
Manufacturer: Pharm-Tec
Steroid Type: PCT - Oral
Package Contains: 50tabs x 10mg/tab

Oxabolon Rapid with chemical name Oxandrolone(Anavar) is considered as a mild anabolic androgenic steroid! This is a high quality medicine that gives great results and minimal side effects!Anavar  takes an active part in the process of protein synthesis process but it is still weaker as compared to other anabolic androgenic steroids. In spite of mild androgenic effects, Anavar is very popular among bodybuilders and athletes. It stimulates high quality muscles due to negligible water retention and accumulation of fats in between the muscle fibers, which is the main reason of its popularity among the users. As it is mild anabolic steroid and safe choice because it does not affect the hormone production in your body and you need not worry about the low rate production of testosterone!

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Oxabolon Rapid(Anavar)-50tabs/10mg

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