• Ipamorelin(10 mg)

Mechanism of action
Ipamorelin is very similar to GHRP-6 because it increases ghrelin and promotes a specific pulse of growth hormone GH. Unlike GHRP-6, however, it does
not increase hunger, which often occurs in GHRP-6. More importantly, there is no impact on cortisol and only on plasma growth hormone (GH) levels.
Unlike many other GH peptides such as Hexarelin, there is no strong disorder of desensitization. This means that there is no maximum dose, after which
the effect of stimulation decreases. Ipamorelin has a wide range of positive effects because it increases the body’s ability to produce more growth hormone.
Improving the focus and mental clarity, which leads to the relief of everyday tasks. Libido may be elevated and users have reported improvement in their
sex life. General fatigue, as well as depression, can also be reduced. Ipamorelin increases the development of pure muscle mass through the development
of new muscle cells and reduces body fat through lipolysis. This leads to increased strength and stamina and improved muscle tone as well as improved
skin elasticity (smooth, less wrinkled skin) and cellulite loss. Calcium retention improves, resulting in increased bone density. Ipamorelin is also useful for
any athlete or individual based on what are elevated levels of GH for the human body. Elevated levels of GH carry numerous health and physical benefits
and can be the primary tool in anti-aging plans.


Recommended dose of Ipamorelin:
Dosage when taking Ipamorelin for anti-aging is in the range of 100 to 200 mcg once a day or divided into 2 doses.
The dose of Ipamorelin to improve procreation, fat loss, and increase in mass is usually in the range of 200 to 600 micrograms at a frequency of 2-3 times
a day. It is very important to combine with other growth hormone releasing hormones (GHRH), for example, CJC-1295 or GRF, to get the best result. Eight
weeks of use is the minimum cycle of use, with 12 weeks being the recommended period. It can also be used for an indefinite period of time as there is no
dose of over-saturation.


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Ipamorelin(10 mg)

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