• Humulin M3(Human Insulin)-5vials x 300IU

Humulin M3(Human Insulin)-5vials x 300IU

Name: Humilin M3
Chemical Name: Human Insulin
Manufacturer: Lilly
Package Contains: 5vials x 300IU(100IU/ML)

What Humulin M3 is and what it is used for

Humulin M3 contains the active substance human insulin.

Humulin M3 is used to control glucose in the long term.

It is a premixed suspension of rapid and long acting insulin. Its action is prolonged by the

inclusion of protamine sulfate in the suspension.

Other medicines and Humulin M3

Your insulin needs may change if you are taking any of the following:

• steroids,

• thyroid hormone replacement therapy,

• acetylsalicylic acid (aspirin),

• growth hormone,

• beta2 stimulants (for example clenbuterol or salbutamol),

How to use Humulin M3

• Inject Humulin M3 under the skin. You should not administer it using a different

administration route. Under no circumstances should Humulin M3 be given into a


Preparing Humulin M3

• Vials containing Humulin M3 should be rotated several times in the palms of the

hands before use to resuspend insulin until it appears uniformly cloudy or milky. If

not, repeat the above procedure until contents are mixed. Do not shake vigorously as

this may cause frothing which may interfere with the correct measurement of the


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Humulin M3(Human Insulin)-5vials x 300IU

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