• Follistatin FST(1mg)

Mechanism of action
Follistatin works by binding to the myostatin, it’s suppression and binding to the activin receptor. At the low level of follistatin in the body, the action of the
protein myostatin increases. This prevents and leads to a stagnation of muscular growth. The myostatin protein is found in muscle cells and has the function
of maintaining volume and adjusting the amount and size of muscle mass within a range. Studies have shown that the less the amount of myostatin in the
body, the greater the muscle growth can be.
Follistatin significantly increases muscle growth and increases strength by blocking myostatin activity. Increases hyperplasia (new cell growth) as well as
hypertrophy (increase in cell size). It has powerful anabolic activity without androgenic concomitant. It has strong ability to maintain the acquired form and
maintain muscle mass, even when the individual has limited training activity. It strengthens fat burning and significantly slows down aging.

The recommended and most common daily dose is from 50 to 100 μg daily intramuscularly in muscle that lags due to the local action of the peptide for 10
days after which the injection site changes and the cycle lasts for no more than 20 days followed by a rest period.


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Follistatin FST(1mg)

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