• Carsil Sopharma 30capsules/90mg

Carsil Sopharma 30capsules/90mg

Liver Protection Natural Product

What is CARSIL
Carsil is a medicinal product which contains the substance,Silymarin from milk thistle fruit of the plant.  Silymarin activates protein synthesis and fosfolipidniâ in the damaged liver cells, cell membranes, stabilize their binds free radicals (antioxidant). Its main action is to protect liver cells from the harmful effects of various factors such as steroids,alcohol, medications, viral infections, industrial pollutants. In damage to the liver cells helps in faster recovery.

Carsil capsules are taken orally, with a sufficient quantity of liquid.
The usual dose is: 1 capsules 3 times a day

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Carsil Sopharma 30capsules/90mg

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