• Dostinex(Cabergoline)-2 tabs x 0.5mg

Dostinex(Cabergoline)-2 tabs x 0.5mg

Name: Dostinex
Chemical Name: Cabergoline
Manufacturer: Pfizer
Package Contains: 2tabs x 0.5mg/tab

Dostinex(Cabergoline)is a selective dopamine receptor agonist! This agent is highly specific in its actions, with a strong affinity for the dopamine D2 receptor, and a low affinity for serotonin, and 5-HT2-serotonin receptors. Its main clinical use is for the treatment of hyperprolactinemia, or the hypersecretion of prolactin from lactotropes in the anterior pituitary (pituitary tumor is a common cause of this disorder). It is also applied in the management of Parkinson’s disease. Dostinex(Cabergoline) effectively inhibits prolactin secretion, which it does by mimicking the actions of dopamine on the D2 receptor (dopamine normally serves as negative feedback for prolactin release). As a targeted agonist of the dopamine D2 receptor, cabergoline should not affect other pituitary hormones like growth hormone (GH), luteinizing hormone (LH), corticotrophin (ACTH), or thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH). Prolactin is a somatotropic hormone, in the same family as human growth hormone (somatropin). It is a single peptide hormone, containing a chain of 199 amino acids. This makes it similar to (though slightly larger than) growth hormone, which is made of 192 amino acids. Any similarity between these two hormones, however, ends at structure. Prolactin is not an anabolic agent (at least not to skeletal muscle) but a lactation hormone. Most of its physiological value is in women, and becomes apparent during pregnancy when it aids in milk production. Dostinex(Cabergoline) likewise, is sometimes used to suppress lactation postpartum if there is a particular medical need for it. In men, prolactin has no known therapeutic value, and high levels are associated with impotence, infertility, and sometimes even gynecomastia (whether or not it has a causative role here remains the subject of much debate)!Although this is almost never associated with males, high levels of prolactin have actually been related to lactating gynecomastia in a very small percentage of steroid-using athletes. This disorder is often characterized by small fluid discharge that becomes noticeable with the squeezing of one’s gynecomastiа nipple. Although the situation can become worse, the first sign of this is often enough to scare the individual away from their current regimen of steroids. Gynecomastia is not automatically (or even normally) associated with lactation, so this is a somewhat rare phenomenon. It is probably caused by an unusual imbalance of hormones (androgens, estrogens, and progestins can all be involved and play varying roles), and/or a particular personal sensitivity to the disorder. When it does occur, however, cabergoline has been looked at as a remedy for the potentially embarrassing situation. High prolactin levels (as would be associated with the need for cabergoline) are not regularly documented in steroid-using athletes, further underscoring the relative uncommon nature of this disorder. We do know that estrogen plays a stimulatory role here, and likely is the key to increasing prolactin secretion in males. Other studies, however, show suppressive actions toward prolactin from other hormones including androgens. This is perhaps why an actual hormonal imbalance, and not necessarily high estrogen, may be the cause of lactating gynecomastia. Scanning the medical books, there are few studies even looking at prolactin levels and steroid use, and those few are relatively inconclusive. One study analyzed the effects oftestosterone enanthate and propionate in men and noted a significant prolactin increase 4 days after injection. Yet another noted a 7-fold increase in estrogen (to values typical for women) in 5 power athletes self-administering testosterone and other steroids, yet no consistent effect on prolactin secretion. A third self-administration study with athletes, and a fourth clinical with nandrolone, failed to show an increase in prolactin levels!!!

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Dostinex(Cabergoline)-2 tabs x 0.5mg

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